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Mini spa shop

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Did you forget something important at home? No worries. We are prepared.


Items of basic equipment are available for rental or purchase in the mini spa shop, items which may be necessary for carefree relaxation.


Baby swim diapers (in 2 sizes)2 000 Ft
Baby swim ring sitting (in 2 sizes)6 000 Ft
Hairband (several types)300 Ft
Set of sand box toys3 000 Ft
Armbands for swimming (2 sizes)1 500 Ft
Plastic flask (0.5 litre)2 500 Ft
Sunbathing mat (for single person)2 200 Ft
Sun protection cream SPF 302 500 Ft
Sun protection cream SPF 503 500 Ft
Strandlabda (többféle)2 500 Ft
Tampon (in 2 sizes)900 Ft
Swimming ring (in 2 sizes)1 500 Ft
Goggles for swimming (in 2 sizes)3 000 Ft
Watertight phone case/container for valuables3 000 Ft
Water gun600 Ft